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Given the existing flow cytometry software, why did we spend so much time, money, and effort to create AutoGate? What does this software do that the others do not?

The answer boils down to a simple concept – automation that you control, as the preview screen below illustrates. In no time, AutoGate lets you preview all the clusters in all the samples in whatever experiment you are doing, which helps you decide at any point which sample you want to look at next.

We purposely stop short of full automation, enabling you to decide how much you want to rely on your own experience and domain knowledge. But, to the degree you choose, you can turbocharge your work, asking AutoGate to do do all your compensation and gating for you.



EPP is designed to find subsets based on phenotyping markers and scatter parameters. 


AutoGate does multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) of subset medians with Matlab's built-in function cmdscale. 



AutoGate produces a visual dendogram to express HiD readiness

Phenogram Live

AutoGate automatically identifies all your statistically valid subset boundaries. It lets you gate them with a click of your mouse. And it neatly encloses your data with computerized precision. Preview them for your selected sample according to a standard you choose, from the highest number of clusters to the highest positive staining levels. The graph types on the right show different ways you can display them.

You will see in seconds why you need AutoGate.